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Fused Filament Fabrication Printers (FFF)

Fused Filament Fabrication Printers (FFF)

Are you planning to purchase a 3D Printer and trying to figure out where should you start? Do you own a retail business or want start one? Are you looking for medical devices, mold making, interiors, prototypes for construction? If the answer is to any of the questions is yes we the team at 3D Prototyperz will always be happy to help you out.

Our vision is to see 3D printing as a cottage industry and empower mainly the women entrepreneurs setting up focal points in every region , we already have setups in Pune, Bangalore and Indore, India.

The Start
Let's discuss the simplest 3D Printing method to start with: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers, also known as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers or Molten Polymer Deposition (MPD) Printers.

This article is focused only on FFF Printers and other 3D printing technologies like Stereolithography or Selective Laser Sintering will not be discussed. Fused Filament Fabrication is the most common and widely used method. We at 3D Prototyperz manufacture FFF Printers and provide 3D printing services.

What is Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)?

FFF is a process in which a filament (something like a small string) is fed to the printhead assembly (to heat the filament or to melt it) and then the molten material (thermoplastics) is deposited with the help of a nozzle on top or next to the same material. Thermoplastics are plastics, which become semi-liquid above a specific temperature and return to a solid state when cooling down.

The molten thermoplastic is stacked layer upon layer in a three-dimensional model. The printhead assembly typically moves with the extrusion nozzle within the horizontal plane, while the build platform is moved vertically.

3D Prototyperz Axes 500 Specs

Build Volume
Input Format
G Code, STL
Operation Mode
Nozzle Diameter
0.4/0.6mm Swappable
150 mm/sec
210 °C- 400 °C

A few applications:

In the next article we will be discussing about the filaments and materials used for FFF and also about how 3D Printing is affecting academics.

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